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VULNERABLE – Botanical Perfume

Your First Aromatherapy Perfume is here!

VulnerableAlongside of this book, I launched VULNERABLE, an aromatherapy perfume. Yes, I’m bringing the roll-on back! It’s portable and it fits in your purse, in your office draw, and in your bedside table.

VULNERABLE is the scent of a self-loving powerful woman.

VULNERABLE features essential oils from plants, Jojoba, essence oils of orange, ylang/ylang, ginger and patchouli. The ingredients are 100% natural, 100% vegan and handmade at an boutique NYC aromatherapy studio.

This roller bottle is your transportable perfume oil that’s perfect for breathing through the good and the bad. Enhance your self-love by applying to pulse points to feel powerful and confident.

If you’ve ever wanted a courageous new scent to remind you to keep up with self-love all day long- This is it! It could be your start to adding more aromatherapy to your life.

It ships immediately in beautiful packaging. USE THAT BUY NOW LINK BELOW!