Become a Self-Loving Powerful Woman

Own Your Vulnerability is a collection of authentic stories from 20 women. Get an intimate view into the windows of their souls through life, self-love, career and spirituality. Find what’s possible in your life through their experiences. Fall down, dust off, get back up, and take flight.

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Go on a Journey

Get your wings and fly

This book will guide you toward the ability to love each barrier that arises in your life, deepening your appreciation of remaining strong while owning your emotions. It’s a brilliant transformation to seek. It’s time to love yourself whole-heartedly and develop the leadership skills it takes to blossom into a self-loving powerful woman. It’s the breakthroughs that become our building blocks towards strength and heroism.

If you’ve ever fallen, dusted off, and gotten back up, this book is for you. If you feel stuck, afraid to show your feelings, or you’re not sure what your purpose may be, let Own Your Vulnerability become the clarity towards your next big step in life- loving yourself, first. Your flight is ready. It’s time to take off!


You're Stronger Than You Think


"Beware of ‘destination addiction’- a preoccupation with the idea that happiness is in the next place, next job/career, or with the next partner. Until you give up the idea that everything happens somewhere else, it’ll never be where you are." -Roe


"Despite whatever happens to you, despite the pain, the wonder, the tears, the fear, do not doubt yourself. Love your being. In every aspect, shadow and imperfection, ups and downs, good and bad." Eleonora

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"Learn to ask for what you want. It really is that simple. We expect our bosses to be mind readers and to plan our careers for us, when sometimes we need to be bolder, speak up and let them know exactly what we want. Ask for a raise and promotion if you think you deserve it. Stop the fear." Stephanie


"Believe in something: God, the universe, yourself, your rituals, your cat. It does not matter. Believe in something that inspires you, that gives you strength, that rings true to you, that points you to the light, that makes you feel held and invincible. In the moments you fall, what you believe in will always be your forever connection to your inner source." Jennifer

Elizabeth Barry

Elizabeth Barry is a female empowerment advocate and brand guru. Her work has made a significant impact in the lives of women. From building pioneering marketing plans for top female entrepreneurs to hosting TEDx events, her path speaks volumes. Elizabeth’s new book provides the passion, values and lessons that lead women just like you to find their greatest power. Contact EB today, for a Vulnerability talk at your next conference.

A Women's Guide to Renewal

Fall Down

There's not a more profound place than being at the heart of a fall. Each obstacle is a gift in disguise. Fall with grace and equanimity. Fear not. You are not alone.

Dust Off

Choose to take responsibility for your actions and words. The most powerful changes occur when you look within. Love the lesson and then let it go.

Get Back Up

It's not what happens to you that dictates your future. It's what you do with it. Get in the game and seize the moment and the day. Vulnerability creates courage.



A Scent of Renewal

Alongside of this book, please purchase VULNERABLE, an aromatherapy perfume. I believe that with each step through this mastery course, with each crack in our shells, with each new flight that we take, deep breathes are at the core. May we own our strength that much more with this new scent of renewal.

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This August, set your self-love on "fiya" by joining TheAcknowledgementProject

Elizabeth Barry’s #VulnerabilityMovement2016, based upon her book, has created a new way of life to be lived- both in strengths and weakness. She’s created a 30-day self-love challenge for the month of August for everyone to join in. Comments, photos and videos will be shared on her Facebook Group, “Wisdom and Women“. Won’t you celebrate and commit to your very own self acknowledgement for this month long challenge? Join in. Take a look here.